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Shanique Donaldson-McIntosh

Shanique Donaldson-McIntosh is currently the Manager- Customer Experience in the Corporate Communications and Customer Services Unit at the JPS.
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Shanique has spent over ten years in various customer service capacities across the JPS. She started out as a Call Centre Agent and was quickly promoted to Team Leader and Quality Assurance Analyst in the Customer Care Centre due to the impeccable work ethic and strong leadership skills she displayed. Shanique did not stop there, she continued to impress and was subsequently appointed to the role of Customer Care Officer and then Manager for the May Pen Customer Service Office, and subsequently the Spanish Town JPS Customer Service Office. As fate would have it the role of Manger for the Customer Care Centre became vacant and Shanique was appointed in that role. Many saw it as her homecoming as she returned to lead the area where she started off as Agent. After a few years at the leadership helm of the Customer Care Centre, she was appointed as Digital and Direct Marketing Manager in the Marketing and Research Unit with responsibility for Sales and Digital Marketing. She could not stay away for too long from her calling in Customer Service as she was subsequently appointed in her current role as Manager- Customer Experience.

Shanique has a record of being a successful leader who believes in growth and development of her team members and it is no surprise that under her leadership many of her employees have been promoted to other departments in JPS or received promotions in other companies outside of JPS. She has also been selected as JPS Manager of the Quarter on two separate occasions; an award that focuses on Service Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork and Leadership. Her strong interpersonal skills has made her one of the most effective leaders at JPS and she is a strong supporter of internal service. She wholeheartedly supports Shep Hyken’s words “The internal experience determines the external customer experience”. She is also a firm believer that culture and leadership plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for great customer service.

Shanique is a graduate of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, where she received a BSc. in International Relations and a MSc. in Governance and Policy Management from the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies also from the UWI, Mona. She is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Management Institute through their local partners E-Media and the University College of the Caribbean. She is married to Andrew McIntosh, Manager of Engineering Projects and Services at the JPS and she is a homebody who loves to decorate her house and is always on Pinterest searching for new ideas.