The Global Services Association of Jamaica has pivoted in 2021 to bring you a first of its kind in Jamaica, an innovative and mind-reshaping virtual expo under its brand and on its platform Outsource2Jamaica. Exhibitors will be able to showcase their products in 3D format as well as promote services with digital branding and virtual presentations. They can interact and engage the audience through live presentations and chat features within their exhibit space. Futuristic technology features will be utilized, as virtual reality booth tours can be done through the use of VR headset. Participants will be able to utilize the chat feature, watch video presentations, have one on one meetings, and take advantage of gamification opportunities and features to win prizes.

Exhibitor Visibility, Networking & Engagement with Attendees

Live chat in Booth

Premium booths will have a Live Chat feature which will be manned by staff from the exhibitors company. Their team can easily chat with attendees who stop by the booth.

Audience Engagement through gamification

Fun activities will be available and specifically designed to help to drive traffic to your booth. There will be fun nuggets of opportunities to win prizes to increase engagement and booth visits. Some of these are:

  • Scavenger Hunt – Exhibitors will provide a clue or branded hidden gems from their company. Attendees will search around and select the items to win a prize.
  • Trivia – Exhibitors will provide a question related to the industry, their company products and attendees will have a chance to answer and win prizes
  • Spin the wheel – logo branded wheel to spin for various prizes
  • Booth Validator – attendees will receive a point toward each booth visit and this gives them chance to win prizes

Sponsor Recognition

Event host will make mention of sponsors names throughout the event and continuously encourage participants to visit booth.

On Screen Prompter

On screen caricature prompt to visit booth.

Live Virtual Presentations

Group networking discussions can be arranged and carried live on screens within the booths.

One to One Virtual Networking

Scheduled one on one virtual networking through live video or chat.

Virtual Swag Bag

Sponsors brochure included in virtual tote bag for attendees upon registration on the day of event.


Free General Admission Available

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