Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin

  • Founder and Managing Director - Nearshore Americas
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Kirk Laughlin is the founder and Managing Director of Nearshore Americas, a well-regarded and influential online publication that focusses on knowledge services in the Americas. He founded Nearshore Americas in 2009, after working as a business journalist and media executive in the United States and Asia.

Kirk has extensive knowledge of the nearshore industry, having interviewed and consulted with thousands of brand leaders, government officials and sources in more than 20 countries in the region. Kirk has also participated as an expert speaker and moderator at dozens of forums in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. He has been interviewed and quoted in several notable publications including The Financial Times, BCC News, Miami Herald and the Globe and Mail.

Kirk spearheaded the launch of Nearshore Nexus in 2010, the nearshore industry’s annual conference held in New York City. Kirk remains deeply committed to the core mission of Nearshore Americas, which is to increase awareness and engagement with Latin America and Caribbean partners and ecosystems.

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