Anand Biradar

Anand Biradar

  • Director - BPIAJ/GSAJ
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A Harvard Business School alumnus and an accomplished global executive in the technology, customer experience, and business process management industry with two decades of expertise in strategy design & execution, business development & expansion, organizational development, leadership and management.

I’ve received numerous awards, some of my accomplishments are:

  1. Business expansion strategy and management of business in Jamaica, which grew at 250% CAGR in 4 years.
  2. Organizational culture and leadership transformation to achieve industry leading, employees, client, and shareholder experience metrics.
  3. Founding and advising business ventures and scaling them for success

Deeper understanding of strategy & execution, people power and technology evolution has enabled me to build sustainable businesses and forge meaningful partnerships to scale them globally.

My greatest learning is: Highest probability of value creation is through focused and innovative problem-solving.

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